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Acupuncture at Grove Lodge Vets

At Grove Lodge our vet we provide acpuncture for pets. Suzannah our vet qualified as a veterinary acupuncturist in 2004 after a two year certificate course based at Bristol Vets School. Prior to specialising in acupuncture, Suzannah was in general practice in Hampshire and East Sussex, lectured in clinical pathology and is still involved with training nurses.


The ancient art of acupuncture relies on an assessment of the individual animal's wellbeing as a whole, taking into account the behavioural and physical problems that have presented themselves. At each appointment, your pet's wellbeing will be reassessed and the treatment options tailored to suit his or her needs on that day. Appointments are currently £46 and take about 1 hour.


The majority of Suzannah's patients are receiving acupuncture alongside conventional treatment for pain relief for arthritis and muscular aches and pains, for neurological problems, skin trouble and to help to give a good quality of life once old age sets in. There are many conditions that benefit from this gentle form of treatment so if you are interested please contact the reception team at the Durrington branch of Grove Lodge Vets on 01903 503898 for Suzannnah's contact details so that she can discuss your pet's condition with you.


Acupuncture is very well tolerated by animals and the majority of pet insurance companies will cover the cost of this form of treatment.


Suzannah specialises in dog, cat and horse acupuncture.

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